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Weekly Mentoring Curriculum

                      32 Week Topic, Scriptures, and Discussion Questions


 Courage to Move During Difficult Times

      Joshua 1

      What is courage?

      Is there a difference between being courageous and and being brave?

      What do you consider a difficult time?

      How does having courage get you through difficult times/situations?


 Encouraging One Another/Building Up Others

      1 Thessalonians 5:11 

      Why is it important that we encourage one another?

      How are you displaying building others up?

      Who do you talk to for encouragement and inspiration?



      Philippians 2- 14-15

      James 4:10

      Are attitude and behavior the same?

      Why is having a good attitude important?

      How do you exemplify having a good attitude towards others?

      Can your attitude dictate your aptitude? What does that mean?



 Conflict Resolution

      Proverbs 16:7

      Romans 12:15-17

      What is your understanding of conflict resolution?

      Who do we approach when we are having conflicts with others?

      What are some ways you will handle conflicts now that we’ve discussed this topic?


 Facing Your Fears

      Isaiah 43:1

      What are some of your biggest fears?

      How do you overcome your fears?

      Who do you trust when you are afraid?


 Having the Mindset for Success

      Philippians 4:13

      Romans 12:2

      Are you starting each day on a clean slate in order to absorb positive information?

      How do you develop a good mindset?

      Can you think of a successful individual and their characteristics that demonstrates good         



 The Pitfalls of Social Media

      Romans 8:8

      Galatians 5:17

      How often do you use social media?

      What impact does social media have on you/society?

      How can we transform the modern day negative view of social media into something positive?



      Romans 14:12

      James 5:16

      How can we define accountability?

      How often do you own up to your mistakes?

      Why is being accountable important? How do you display accountability with Christ?     


      Galatians 6:9

      James 1:12

      What does perseverance mean to you?

      Discuss a time that you quit and regretted it? What happened?

      How would you teach someone perseverance?       


 God Versus the Game of Life          

      Luke 10:27  

      Matthew 6:24

      What components make up this “Game of Life” we speak of?

      What are some Godly characteristics we should have as Christ followers?

      What life experiences enhance our relationship with God?


      What Are You Thankful For

      Psalms 107:1

      What are you thankful for?

      What are some ways to show appreciation?

      Can you be thankful to/for someone you don’t know?


 Recognizing Temptation

      James 1:13-15

      1 Corinthians 10:13

      What is tempting you today?

      How do you overcome temptation?

      How are you dealing with temptations of life?



      Proverbs 25:27

      Proverbs 27:2

      What is Sportsmanship?

      How are you displaying sportsmanship in your daily walk with Christ?

      What affect does good sportsmanship have outside of sports?


 Rules and Regulations of Life

      Romans 6:14

      Psalms 40:8

      What are laws?

      Why do we have laws in place?

      What is the difference between laws and regulations?


 Overcoming Anger

      James 1:19-20

      Proverbs 29:11

      How do we define anger?

      How do you overcome anger?

      How can you learn to express your anger in ways that will not affect others?    



  Is Your Heart In The Right Place

      Deuteronomy 6:5

      1 Peter 4:8

      Why is it important to have a good heart?

      How does having a good heart impact others?

      Do you have any examples of how you’ve showed love for someone else?



      Philippians 2:3

      1 Timothy 4:12

      How do you define leadership?

      What qualities/characteristics make up a good leader?

      Are you being a leader in other aspects of your life outside of school?


 Praise Versus Criticism

      Psalms 100:5

      Psalms 84:11

      What is praise and how do we show it?

      What is the difference between criticism and constructive criticism?

      Give an example of criticism?


 What Are You A Reflection Of

      3 John 2

      Who do you represent?

      Are you surrounding yourself with worthy people?

      Are you living according to God’s word or not?



      Proverbs 16:9

      Matthew 7:13-14

      How often do we make choices?

            What are some choices we make every day?

            How do we deal with bad choices? Is it the end of the world?



      Hebrews 12:11

      Proverbs 25:28

      What is self-discipline?

      How are you displaying self-discipline in your daily walk with Christ?

      What are some ways we can increase discipline within ourselves? 


 Knowing Your Rights

      Micah 6:8

      Exodus 20:12

      What are rights?

      What is the difference between rights and privileges?

      How are you exercising your rights in a positive way?


 Preparation for The Battle

      Romans 13:12-14

      Ephesians 6:14-17

      Why is preparation important?

      What armor are you equipped with for the battles of life?

      Can you name the full armor of God?           

  The Importance of Patience

      Proverbs 15:18

      Psalms 40:1

      Define patience?

      What other characteristics can patience build upon?

      What are some rewards of patience?

      Can your pride speak out before your patience?

 Can You Follow Directions (Obedience)

      Joshua 1:8

      Exodus 20:12

      John 14:15

      To whom are we expected to obey?

      What are some results of obedience?

      What’s the difference in being obedient and discipline?


 A Mustard Seed of Faith

      Hebrews 11:6

      Galatians 3:11

      What is faith?

      How does faith differ from belief?

      How can faith be increased? Why is this important?


 Are You Enjoying Life

      What is your reason for what you do?

      Do others see Christ as a reflection of you?

      How much time do you commit daily building a relationship with Christ?

       How are enjoying life?


 How Do You Bounce Back (Resiliency)

      Proverbs 24:16

      Psalms 37:23-24

      What is resiliency?

      When have you showed resiliency?

      What are some common characteristics of resilient people?


 The Importance of Listening

      Proverbs 19:20

      Proverbs 19:27

      Why is listening more important than talking?

      What’s the difference in hearing versus listening?

      What distractions cause us not to hear from God?  


 Be Careful What You Put In Your Temple

      James 1:19-20

      How would someone else describe your temple?    

      What improvements can you make to your temple?

      How do you guard your temple?


 What’s Your Record (Reflection of Year)

      How did you enjoy Real Talk this year?

      What’s your record?

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