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Our Vision


The vision of Real Talk is to ENCOURAGE, ENRICH, and EMPOWER young men and women to be successful by keeping life experiences REAL, REALISTIC, and RELATIONAL.

Our Mission

The mission of Real Talk is to develop and promote character, self-esteem, and relationships.

Our Beliefs

We believe that our youth:


  • Are among our nation’s greatest under-developed human resources

  • Have the potential to excel in learning and earning a respectable living

  • Are inspired to pursue high levels of achievement when mentored by positive role models

  • Develop self-esteem through honest work and achievement

  • Need the support of caring adults to reach their maximum potential

Our Goals

  • ​To enhance self-esteem through participation in fun and challenging activities

  • ​To provide educational, recreational, and cultural experiences which will prevent drug use

  • ​To support school completion by providing educational remediation and enrichment activities

  • ​To stimulate early interest in and pursuit of post-secondary education through exposure to selected college/university programs

  • ​To assist in developing a positive work ethic​

  • To promote values that teach and demonstrate respect for self and others

  • ​To promote positive relationships with men and women from diverse age groups, races, and cultures

  • ​To encourage national, state, and local support for youth

Our Creed

I am one; I am only one

I can’t do everything, but I can do some things

What I can do, I ought to do

By the Grace of God, I will do

For the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

One for One

All for All

God for us All

Real Talk on the move

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